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The Art of Becoming One



Showcasing your Equine Dance Partner

Natalia Martin’s training program is based on creating a positive, fun, and interactive learning environment for the horses. She loves seeing each horse enjoy dancing with their human partners and wanting to show off for the world. 

Natalia wants every equine partner in her program to let their personality shine and to have a voice. 

By creating genuine partnerships with every equine partner she works with, she is able to better understand them.  This is the only way to create real unity and harmony.



Full Service Apartment for your Equine Partner

The 14 stall boutique style barn sits on ten beautiful acres with a full-size dressage arena.

  • Spacious12x12 stalls with mats

  • Automatic waters with fresh water that is run through a softener system

  • High powered industrial fans

  • 24x24ft sand paddocks attached to each stall

  • 2 wash stalls with hot and cold water

  • Air-conditioned tack room, feed room, and bath room with washer and dryer

  • Individual turnout

  • Places to hack

  • Access to nearby trails

  • Grass galloping track around the 1/2 acre pond.

At the Art of Riding, the horses receive nothing but the highest quality care because Natalia and her team treat all of the horses as if they were their own. At Art of Riding, LLC we value long-term relationships because our clients are like family.

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National and International

Natalia takes select horses to campaign and develop through the levels at both national and international competitions.  She has a long and proven show record with scores up to 78%.  She has earned four perfect scores of "10," won and placed in several Championships, earned multiple High Point awards at both national and FEI levels, and was a top placing Finalist at two International Games.  
Natalia is known for making the competition experience positive and fun!  She has a knack for keeping the energy light and playful, even in the biggest and most stressful of competitions.  This is a quality that has contributed greatly to her success in the show ring.

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The Key to Success

Biomechanics is the key to success for any equine training program and is foundational to understanding the forces that impact movement between horse and rider.  Natalia Martin, strongly focuses on this interconnectedness of biomechanics.  Natalia creates a customized training program by understanding personal history, conformation, body conditioning, strengths, and weaknesses of each individual.

Benefits of the proper application of biomechanics:

  • Reduces the risk of injury

  • Creates a more equal sided athlete

  • Strengthens weaknesses

  • Increases body awareness

  • Increases flexibility

  • Increases physical and mental stamina

  • Rehabilitates various injuries and lamenesses as a form of physical therapy

  • Creates a more harmonious relationship between horse and rider



with your Equine Partner

Natalia has a positive and interactive teaching style.  She is often described as having laser vision because she is able to quickly pinpoint the root problem a horse and rider are struggling with and explain why it is happening and how to fix it. 
Natalia is a gifted teacher and is able break things down in a way that is very easy to understand.  She engages her students to make sure they fully grasp what they are doing and why, so that they will know how to use the tools they are learning properly.  
Natalia LOVES teaching and has a lot of tools in her tool bag.  She loves sharing her knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to learn!

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Nationally, Internationally, and Virtual

Natalia loves to teach clinics and share her years of experience with as many people as possible.  She is blessed to teach clinics all over and share her wealth of knowledge with both amateur and professional riders.  
Her clinic schedule fills up quickly, so be sure to contact her early to schedule a clinic date.



At Competitions or Events

Natalia is known for creating a very fun and positive horse show environment for both the horses and riders.  Most people get very stressed and nervous at competitions, so Natalia has perfected a system that allows them to "breathe" and enjoy the dance with their equine partners.  By creating this unique environment for her clients, they are able to perform at their best while having a FUN!




Natalia is a Puerto Rican National Judge.  She has judged throughout the state of Florida and Puerto Rico and is known for being a positive judge with good constructive criticism.

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"There is no partnership like the one between a horse and rider. Dressage is an art that allows you to become one with these amazing creatures. It truly is "The Art of Riding."- Natalia Martin

Natalia's Top Credentials:

  • Top Finalist in two Central American and Caribbean Games

  • Represented Puerto Rico in Dressage for 14 years

  • Internationally Ranked

  • Grand Prix Rider and Trainer

  • Puerto Rican National Judge

  • USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist

  • Several FEI, USDF, and GAIG wins

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from George Mason University

Natalia Martin has been riding horses since the age of four, and training them at the professional level for over 20 years. From the very beginning, the fundamentals of dressage were instilled in all aspects of Natalia's riding career, even through her days as an eventer in Pony Club. As Natalia matured and realized her true potential in the dressage arena, she began to base her training fundamentals around teaching her clients how to work as one with their horses. Natalia has always had a knack for making dressage fun while helping the riders to develop a trusting relationship with their mounts.
Natalia has not forgotten where she came from and loves to work with different breeds, and riders at varying levels of experience and ability. While continuing to bring horses and riders up the levels, she also believes in cross training to aid the horses in keeping a sound mind and body. In doing this, Natalia is able to maintain a challenging and focused environment while encouraging the horses and riders to meet their goals while having fun.  She feels the key to a successful partnership is by making sure that you and your equine partner enjoy the process and journey. 
Honing in on the rider's strengths and weaknesses allows Natalia to aid her students in becoming a confident, strong, and balanced rider while maintaining a soft, quiet, and effortless appearance.
Natalia believes that Dressage is the foundation for all disciplines and it shouldn't be thought of as a separate discipline until the higher levels, because the lower levels are about building the foundation.  If you take the time to build a strong foundation, you and your horse will excel!


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