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“…There is no partnership like the one between a horse and rider. Dressage is an art that allows you to become one with these amazing creatures. It truly is "The Art of Riding”… Natalia Martin will Train you to become a confident, strong and balanced rider while maintaining a soft, quiet and effortless appearance … Our students come from anywhere in the United States and abroad … The Art of Riding LLC has students from West Palm, Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero, Stuart, Palm City, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Virginia, California, Minnesota, Puerto Rico, England, Maryland, New York, Germany … State-of-the-Art Facilities for training and boarding…We train riders, junior riders, Dressage, horses… The Art of Riding LLC practices good nutrition and health for the horses… located on 10 beautiful acres with a full service riding academy facility … The Art of Riding LLC also will broker and sell horses …Open 6 days a week … Follow us on Facebook and Twitter … Text Dressage to 85100 for VIP Club messages … Located in Palm City, Florida, let The Art of Riding LLC help you gain more experience as an accomplished Dressage rider…

Professional Dressage Training in Palm City, FL

Natalia Martin has been riding horses since the age of four, and training them at the professional level for several years. From the very beginning, the fundamentals of dressage were instilled in all aspects of Natalia's riding career, even in her days as a lower level eventer. As Natalia matured and realized her true potential in the dressage arena, she began to base her training fundamentals around teaching her clients how to work as one with their horses. Natalia has always had a knack for making dressage fun while helping the riders to develop a trusting relationship with their mounts.

Unlike most international riders and trainers, Natalia has not forgotten where she came from and loves to work with different breeds, and riders at varying levels of experience. While continuing to bring horses and riders up the levels, she also believes in cross training to aid the horses in keeping a sound mind and body. In doing this, Natalia is able to maintain a challenging and focused environment while encouraging the horses and riders to meet their goals. Honing in on the riders strengths and weaknesses allows Natalia to aid her students in becoming a confident, strong, and balanced rider while maintaining a soft, quiet, and effortless appearance.
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Trainer and student with horse - dressage training in Palm City, FL
" There are many qualities that make Natalia Martin an exemplary rider, competitor and trainer. But the attributes that set her apart from most dressage professionals at the FEI level are the ones that made it clear to me that she was the perfect trainer for me and my horse.
Moving to South Florida from the Midwest in the summer of 2014, I found myself thrown into a world full of the top athletes and top horses you could find anywhere in the world. I had come from an eventing background, so I didn't even know many of the important names in the dressage world. Feeling like a fish out of water on many different levels, it was extremely intimidating and scary trying to find a new support network for me and my horse. Not only did I have to find a new barn, but I also needed everything else that comes along with supporting a horse and its rider: veterinarian, farrier, chiropractor, trainer, coach and the much-needed barn buddies that make you smile after you had a not-so-great ride.
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